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About Project Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a major player on the global stage, and growing ever more so.

Recognising this, the University of Oxford has created Project Southeast Asia, with the ultimate aim of establishing a Centre for Southeast Asian Studies – a home for Southeast Asia in the heart of one of the world’s premier universities.

The Project will act as a focal point for academic and research activity, bringing together many of the most distinguished scholars in the field of Southeast Asian studies, together with the best and brightest new academic talent, for the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge about countries in the Southeast Asian region.

While emphasising core disciplines of history, politics/international relations, anthropology, human sciences, medicine, and development studies, it will also address and offer inputs into important contemporary issues facing Southeast Asia, such as regional security, infectious diseases, environmental change, ageing and sustainable development.

The Project will support research, student degree programmes, library and archival resources, institutional exchanges and academic events. It will ensure that the most talented students, regardless of need, will be able to study Southeast Asia at Oxford.

The University warmly invites further discussions with all those who share our vision of a world-class Centre for Southeast Asian Studies.

For more information, please email