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Activities and Infrastructure

The Project will support teaching by building a coherent research programme of study for academic and graduate students. In particular, the range of Southeast Asian course options for Master’s students will be expanded and knowledge of Southeast Asia embedded within survey and theory courses.

The Project will also build partnerships with, and encourage meaningful exchanges among academic institutions, community organisations and individuals with an interest in Southeast Asia.

Ultimately, the Project will seek to provide intensive and comprehensive language training and direct experience of Southeast Asia.

Finally, a leading, world-class research centre needs excellent administrative staff and infrastructure in order to provide support to scholars and students.

Conferences, lectures and seminars

Conferences, lectures and seminars facilitate cutting-edge multidisciplinary and comparative research by offering opportunities to present and publish new work, and promoting debate and discussion among academics.


An administrator will run the Project on a daily basis.

Dedicated office space

Bringing academics, students and staff together in a central location enables the creation of synergies and the free flow of ideas and discussion among scholars.


The Project will be underpinned by library and archival resources related to Southeast Asia, and seek their expansion and improvement in order to provide researchers with the best possible resources for their work.