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SEA Seminar HT2012

Southeast Asian Studies Seminar

Hillary Term 2012

Thursdays 1-2 pm

Seminar Room 2, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford

Download the Revised Seminar Schedule for HT2012


Week 1 | 19 January 2012

Mohamad Nazri Abd Karim – PhD Candidate in Finance, University of Hull

Evidence on Stock Price Effects Associated with Changes in FTSE Bursa Malaysia Index


Week 3 | 2 February 2012

Vishnu Juwono – PhD Candidate in International History, London School of Economics and Political

Governance Challenge in Indonesia: Bureaucracy, Judiciary and Parliamentary Reform under
President Yudhoyono


Week 5 | 16 February 2012

Andy Whitmore – Co-Chair, London Mining Society

The Path of Most Resistance: Mining and Development Choices in the Philippines


Week 7 | 1 March 2012

Dr. Suman Seth – Research Officer, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI),
University of Oxford

Multidimensional Poverty in Southeast Asia



Edo Mahendra

Narae Choi

Marcos Medina