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SEA Studies Symposium 2013 – Panels

9 – 10 March 2013
University of Oxford

This programme is subject to change and is accurate as of 4 March 2013.

Please click on the Panel Title for more information on individual panels. You may also download the up to date list of panels, presenters, papers, and abstracts in PDF format.

  1. ASEAN at 46: Ideals, Opportunities and Obstacles
  2. Gender and Sexualities in Contemporary Southeast Asia
  3. Health and Social Change in Southeast Asia
  4. Southeast Asian Politics and History
  5. Migration, Gender, and the Law in Southeast Asia
  6. Natural Resources and the Environment 
  7. Population Issues in Southeast Asia
  8. Religious Revivals in Southeast Asia: Transnational and Comparative Perspectives
  9. Re-thinking the Colonial Past
  10. Routes of Human Insecurity in Modern Southeast Asia
  11. Southeast Asia and the Multilateralisation of Security
  12. Stranger Parallels: Foreignness in Southeast Asian Arts
  13. Transnational Lives of Southeast Asian Women in Diaspora
  14. Understanding Borneo-Kalimantan Through Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  15. Civil Society in Mainland Southeast Asia
  16. Corporate Governance and Economic Policy in Southeast Asia
  17. Disaster Management in Southeast Asia
  18. Minority Language, Culture, and Identity in Burmese Southeast Asia
  19. National/Transnational Identity and the Southeast Asian State
  20. Islam and Identity in Maritime Southeast Asia
  21. ASEAN and Economic Development