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SEA Studies Symposium 2014 – Panels looking for Papers

“Southeast Asia in Transition”

22 – 23 March 2014
Keble College, University of Oxford

Are you looking to join a panel? This is a page to link panel organisers who are looking for participants and authors of papers who are looking to join a panel.

Please contact the relevant panel organiser or paper author listed below for more information – Project Southeast Asia has no further information regarding these announcements.

Final panel details are all due by 15 December 2013.

List of Panels:


Dormant and Unresolved Border, Land, and Maritime Disputes in Southeast Asia: a New Threat For ASEAN?

In 2011 a border conflict between Thailand and Cambodia over the Preah Vihear spiraled into an armed skirmish, which claimed dozens of casualties and displaced tens of thousands villagers. The significance of this clash lays in the fact that it revealed the overlooked and often underestimated weakness of ASEAN, i.e. a multitude of unresolved border, land and maritime disputes. While the attention of Southeast Asian states has been focused mainly on resolving the South China Sea dispute between China and ASEAN members, many other (still dormant) disputes continue to linger and can possibly not only mar relations among the states, but also threaten the stability and cohesion of the Association. Border conflicts undoubtedly represent a complex issue, as there is a myriad of historical, psychological and nationalist factors at play. The proposed panel seeks to address these often dormant and overlooked disputes in Southeast Asia. Academics are invited to present papers focusing either on the roots, development and current situation of border, land, and maritime disputes in mainland and littoral Southeast Asia as well as on the prospects of their resolution. Topics may cover territorial disputes between the PRC and Vietnam, Vietnam and Cambodia, Cambodia and Thailand, etc.); or maritime disputes among littoral states (e.g. Indonesia and Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines over the Celebes Sea…) However, other related themes are also welcome. Please send your abstracts of not more than 250 words to Maria Strasakova:


The panel titled ‘Global Norms and National Institutions: Comparative Law in Southeast Asia’ is still seeking panelists. The theme asks for empirical research investigating how international regulatory norms are contextualised in Southeast Asian countries by national institutions. The underscoring theme is furthering understanding of the dynamics of legal transplants in contemporary contexts, and to expand our knowledge of the influence of regulatory regimes in Southeast Asia. Given the increasing importance of global, regional networks and institutions as well as international norms, understanding how these institutions are shaping the understanding of an international norm is essential. There are currently four accepted papers that are all concerned with interrogating the spread of international regulatory norms and the complexities of their adoption and interpretation in particular country contexts in Southeast Asia. If interested in joining this panel, please send an abstract to