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The Energy Future of Southeast Asia

Dr Nigel Gould-Davies
BG Thailand

Southeast Asia’s growth and development prospects will depend critically on its capacity to meet rapidly growing energy demand with secure and affordable supplies. How can the countries of this region best develop their indigenous resources? How should this be balanced with environmental concerns? Against the background of tight international markets, how do these countries secure the energy imports that most will increasingly require? How do they ensure equitable and efficient domestic distribution of energy supply? This workshop will explore how governments, business and civil society can engage these issues. In particular, it will address the nature and scale of the looming energy supply challenge; the policy options facing the countries of the region; and the role that greater co-operation among them can play in solving it.


  • Nadhavathna Krishnamra
    Minister of the Royal Thai Embassy
  • Sir Robert Cooper
    Special Adviser to the EU High Representative on Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
  • Dr Harald Heubaum
    The School of Oriental and African Studies

  • Ms Juman Kubba
    Global Witness