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Human Resources Issues/Challenges in Southeast Asia

Saturday 21 March 2015, 1400 – 1600, Auditorium 1

Mei-Hua LIN
Sunway University

Mei-Hua LIN
Sunway University

In the past decades, there has been a spurt of growth in Southeast Asian economies. With market oriented development strategies, developing nations open their countries increasingly to the world economy. Foreign direct investments brings about the growth of multinational company in the SEA region which in turns brings in new ways of managing human capital through HR policies. Hence, globalisation has implications on human resource management and development. This roundtable will focus on the human resources issues and challenges in the Southeast Asian (SEA) region in possible areas such as hiring practices, talent management, employees development, retention of Generation Y workforce, etc. In order to address changes in this region, it is crucial for the panel to discuss common SEA human resources practices for dealing with human resource challenges and understand the origins of these practices: why certain practices is adopted. In addition, both scientists and practitioners would evaluate on current practices and recommends solutions or best practices. Hence, the panel will explore the need for scientific driven method versus traditional human resource approaches. With globalisation and inclusion of more multinational company in business setting, there is a need for in depth comparison between East and West human resource approaches. Here, the panel will debate on the need for adoption of/ assimilation of/ blended human resource policies and practices, the barrier towards adoption, and how should adoption be facilitated in SEA region. While globalisation is one factor that impact human capital such as diversity in the workplace and the need of skill mixed in employees’ skill sets, this roundtable will explore other important factors that will affect regional trends in adoption of human resource practices (e.g. changing organisational structure, work patterns, knowledge obsolescence, etc.).  Finally, the panel will be asked to speculate on the challenges in the next decade and how future human resource policies should addressed these challenges.


  • Alia Azalea (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman)

Dr. Alia Azalea received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the U.S., and obtained her PhD from Malaysia. She specializes in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Apart from being an academician for the past five years, she also has experiences working as a management consultant in the U.S., Indonesia and Malaysia.

  • Priscilla Tan (Elanco Animal Health Company)

Ms. Priscilla Tan is currently the Regional HR Director – Asia Pacific (APAC) for Elanco Animal Health. She is responsible for strategically plan, direct, control all Talent and HR activities in the region. Prior joining Elanco, Priscilla spent 14 years at Kellogg Company in numerous HR leadership roles within APAC, including overseas assignment in China and Singapore.

  • Vernon Christopher Fernandez (Edify Hospitality)

Mr. Vernon C Fernandez has 24 years’ experience in the hospitality industry with 18 years specialization of training and human resources. He has been extensively involved in the design, development and training of modules in the area of attitude, behaviour and performance. He is a NLP master practitioner, Time Line Therapy master practitioner and coach.

  • Daniel Russell (Link Consulting)

Mr Russell has 20 years’ experience assisting clients to design and implement high impact HR programs. Mr Russell holds an MSc from Virginia Tech (USA) and a BSc from Austin Peay (USA). He is a Chartered Psychologist with the BPS, an Associate of the APA and an Affiliate of SIOP.

  • Christopher Raj (Shangri-la Hotel and Resorts Malaysia)

Mr. Christopher Raj holds Bachelor’s Degree in science with a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations. Been in the Hotel Industry for more than 32 years taking care of all aspects of Human Resources operation. Currently, he is the area director of human resources-industrial relations for Shangri-La Hotel and Resorts, Malaysia. He also oversees Industrial Relations operations of 9 hotels and Resorts in Malaysia.