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Technology in the Southeast Asian classroom

Saturday 21 March 2015, 0900 – 1100, Auditorium 1

Blake Watters
Sunway International School

Blake Watters
Sunway International School

The continual rise in wealth in South East Asia has created a larger middle class with greater access to varied technology. As the education sector develops, students in private education institutes are increasingly expected to use some of these technologies in the classroom.
The purpose of this panel is to examine four different technologies, focusing on how they are used in the classroom and their effectiveness as a teaching tool. Each of the technologies will be presented by a teacher who uses it in their own classroom. The technologies which are being examined are flipped classrooms, bringing your own device, assessment tools through student response and connected learning.
The use of technology is becoming more common in schools and we will examine whether students actually find it effective in learning. The study and application of flipped classrooms and assessment tools based on student response, which is currently being conducted at Sunway International School, will allow us to evaluate students’ opinions on the effectiveness of these technologies. And, through first-hand experience and of connected learning and students bringing their own device to school, we will assess these methods, their use, application and how such techniques can be adapted.
Each panellist will discuss their research, the application of each technology in the classroom and the student feedback they’ve received. The panel will also consult academic literature to see how these technologies are being applied, if at all in SE Asian schools.
Finally, everyone on the panel will collectively discuss how these technologies can be applied to schools throughout SE Asia, with specific attention being given to the lack of resources and funding for schools in developing countries.


  • Blake Watters (Sunway International School)

After achieving a degree in Environmental Science and Geography, Blake began to teach in Korea. He then returned to Canada to pursue a degree in Education before returning to Asia to teach Science at Sunway International School in Malaysia. Blake will bring his knowledge of flipped classrooms to the discussion and discuss how they are best applied. He will discuss his own research and the responses to flipped classrooms from both students and teachers.

  • Evan Long (Sunway International School)

Evan received his Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Physical and Health Education from Queen’s University, before completing his Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University. He teaches health and physical education, science and business management. Evan will bring his first-hand knowledge of assessment tools through student response, how they are being applied in Sunway International School and could make the transition to local schools.

  • Jordan Joanisse (Semarang International School)

Jordan has taught Years 3 through 7 in Canada, Australia, and South Korea. He received an Honors BA in Philosophy from The University of Western Ontario, and a Masters of Teaching Degree from Griffith University. Jordan will be discussing connected learning and how with simple tools we can extend the borders of the classroom to encompass the entire globe. He will bring examples from his classroom in Indonesia and how they have used simple web tools to meet people from other countries and discuss similarities and differences about their cultures and geography.

  • Shannon Walsh (Sunway International School)

Shannon Walsh is a Biology Major who studied Concurrent Education and has experience teaching in both middle school and high school Science and Math classrooms. Shannon will be discussing how to incorporate student’s devices into the classroom. She will be examining how laptops and cell phones are being used in the privates schools and how simpler devices can be used in local schools.