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SEA Studies Symposium 2018 – Linkage

“What is Southeast Asia? Exploring Uniqueness and Diversity”

22–24 March 2018

at Universitas Indonesia

in collaboration with

School of Environmental Science,
Universitas Indonesia

Indonesia Environmental Scientists Association


Are you looking for panelists or to join a panel? This is a page to link panel organisers who are looking for participants and authors of papers who are looking to join a panel. If you wish to be listed on this page, please e-mail a short announcement of not more than 250 words to with “SEA Studies Symposium 2018 Linkage” as the e-mail subject. If you wish to have your announcement removed, please e-mail the same address, Announcements will be posted as promptly as possible. We also suggest that you post an announcement on the Project Southeast Asia Facebook page. Please contact the relevant panel organiser or paper author listed below for more information – Project Southeast Asia has no further information regarding these announcements. All panel proposals must be submitted by 15 October 2017.


My core project is biomedical-based. I am now on my way at engineering tumor-antigen-specific T cells for immunotherapy. In Western, Immunotherapy against cancer has developed greatly and still being developed since the last 5 decades. The clinical outcome are outstanding and durable. But I haven’t seen it to achieve an intense interest in South East Asian Countries. Regardless its staggering financial support it requires for its initiation (and I guess anything else does), we should see this platform is promising and eventually saving. I would love to detail this idea, elaborate techniques or so in the Symposium. And I am seeking a panel with a similar field of interest to, in the end, generate a comprehensive approach for Global Health Improvement in south East Asian Countries.

– Ika Nurlaila <>

My core project is heritage conservation. I am now pursuing my PhD in School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape – Newcastle University, conducting research on heritage preservation of Chinese Indonesian through the culture-identity lens. Therefore, I would like to present a small part of my work in this symposium. And I am seeking a panel with a similar area of interest to and would like to join, particularly in the field of cultural, identity and diversity. By presenting my paper, I have a hope to generate a comprehensive approach for heritage preservation in South East Asian countries, and particularly in Indonesia.

– Asmarani Februandari <>