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SEA Seminar MT2011

Southeast Asian Studies Seminar

Michaelmas Term 2011

Thursdays 1-2 pm

Seminar Room 2, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford

Download the Seminar Schedule for MT2011


Week 2 | 20 October 2011

Dr Philip Kreager – Institute of Human Sciences and Project Southeast Asia, University of Oxford

Constructing Social and Economic Status in Indonesia: A Comparative Study


Week 3 | 27 October 2011

Jaturong Pokharatsiri – PhD Candidate in Architecture

Tourism Gentrification of Indochina and the Social Conservation of Heritage Place


Week 4 | 3 November 2011

Usha Kanagaratnam – DPhil Candidate in Sociology

Persisting and Transient Poverty: The Case of Indonesia


Week 6 | 17 November 2011

Professor Roger Zetter – Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford

Climate Change and Population Displacement in Bangladesh and Vietnam


Week 8 | 1 December 2011

Dr Caine Rollaston – Young Lives

Child Poverty and Education in Vietnam



Narae Choi

Marcos Medina

Thorn Pitidol