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Get Involved


Here are some ways you can get involved with Project Southeast Asia and help promote Southeast Asian studies in Oxford.

1. Join our mailing list

Click here to join our mailing list (form opens in a new window)

2. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Youtube

3. Attend Project SEA events

– Circulated through the mailing list and Facebook group. Meet other students and young academics from or of SEA with an interest in strengthening the study of our region!
– You can even organise your own events!

4. Attend the SEA seminar series

– Please visit our Seminar page for further details.

5. Participate in our SEA Studies Symposium

– To be held on 20 – 24 March 2015. For further information, please visit our Symposium page.

Spreading the word in OXFORD

6. Involve your national interest society
– By circulating how members may participate as individuals
– By sharing and representing your culture and country at University and Project SEA events
– By sharing your events with Project SEA via our mailing list and Facebook page to build an SEA identity in Oxford

7. Involve your coursemates
– Many students study SEA in their courses but don’t have the opportunity to discuss it with students with similar interests. Tell your coursemates about Project SEA and how they can participate as individuals.

8. Talk to your tutor/supervisor/department
– Especially if they are a governing body member of Green-Templeton College where the Project will be based or has related interests in the region. We need the support of as many dons in Oxford and especially GTC for this Project to succeed.
– There are many of you who study SEA who are supervised by academics who have little experience of our region. You are the most eloquent spokesperson for the need for more joined-up thinking and support for SEA studies at Oxford

Spreading the word in the UK

9. Talk to your Embassy/High Commission
– About the possibility of giving the Project moral, academic and even financial support. Apart from seeking funding, the Project is keen to build academic and industry collaborations with the SEAsian region, and embassies are well-placed to advise on all of these issues.

Spreading the word in SOUTHEAST ASIA

10. Involve your local Oxbridge Society
– Consider giving a presentation about the Project at a society event, e.g. the annual Oxbridge dinner
– Attend any meetings with University representatives in SEA to express support for the Project and its activities to underscore the importance of SEA to the University of Oxford
– Oxbridge alumni also are a treasure trove of links to academic and philanthropic contacts

11. Talk to your contacts in your government/local university/scholarship board
– About potential collaborations and possibly funding opportunities. We want to find ways of benefiting both students of and from in Oxford while contributing to addressing issues of importance in our home countries.

12. Connect us to potential donors
-Please download a copy of the brochure and have a look at the different components of Project Southeast Asia that we are seeking endowments for. As a general guide, we are seeking the following amounts to endow Project Southeast Asia in perpetuity:

– £2.4 to 3.2 million for Professorships
– £1.8 – 2.4 million for Junior and Senior Research Fellowships
– £1.3 – 2 million academic activities, such as conferences, seminars, and exchanges
– £1 million for student scholarships
– £0.5 – 1 million for a dedicated Southeast Asia library or reading room