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Mary Dalrymple

Professor Mary Dalrymple is Professor of Syntax in the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics, and Fellow of Linacre College.

After completing her PhD in linguistics at Stanford University in 1990, Prof Dalrymple joined Xerox PARC and spent 13 years there as a researcher. In 2004, she joined Oxford after spending a year at King’s College London.

Research areas
• Syntactic properties of human languages and how they can guide the process of assembling meanings of words and phrases into meanings of larger phrases and sentences

Selected publications
• Dusner. (Mary Dalrymple and Suriel Mofu) Lincom Academic Publishers, 2012.
• Plural semantics, reduplication, and numeral modification in Indonesian. (Mary Dalrymple and Suriel Mofu) Journal of Semantics 29(2), 229-260. May 2012.
• Objects and Information Structure. (Mary Dalrymple and Irina Nikolaeva) Cambridge University Press, 2011.
• The prosody-semantics interface. (Mary Dalrymple and Louise Mycock) Proceedings of LFG2011, Hong Kong, July 2011.
• Constraints on Operator Binding in Malayalam. In Reality Exploration and Discovery: Pattern Interaction in Language & Life. A Festschrift for K.P. Mohanan, ed. Linda Uyechi and Lian Hee Wee. CSLI Publications, Stanford, 2010.
• A linguistic and computational morphosyntactic analysis for the applicative -i in Indonesian. (I Wayan Arka, Avery Andrews, Mary Dalrymple, Meladel Mistica and Jane Simpson) Proceedings of LFG2009, Cambridge, July 2009.