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Paul Jepson

Dr Paul Jepson is course director of the MSc in Nature, Society and Enviromental Policy at the University of Oxford’s School of Geography and the Environment, an appointment he has held since January 2007. He is also Lab Leader at the school’s Conservation Governance Laboratory, Associate Researcher at Oxford’s Biodiversity Institute, and member of the Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Conservation and the Technological Natures: Materials, Cities, Politics research clusters.

Dr Jepson first started his career as a local government officer working on urban conservation and recreation projects in Manchester and Shrewsbury. In 1991, he became Head of the BirdLife International – Indonesia Programme. He came to Oxford in 1997 to conduct doctoral research on protected area policy in Indonesia, working on freelance assignments for the World Bank and various international NGOs at the same time.

His move to academia was marked by senior research fellowships with the Environmental Change Institute and the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the Said Business School.

Research areas
• Conservation governance
• Protected area planning
• Wildlife trade
• Conservation history, attitudes, values and practices
• Media representations of conservation issues
• Role, accountability and legitimacy of conservation NGOs

Selected publications
• Jepson, P., Jennings, S., Jones, K.E. and Hodgetts, T. (2011) Entertainment value: should the media pay for nature conservation? Science, 334(6061): 1351-1352.
• Jepson, P., Barua, M. and Buckingham, K. (2011) What is a conservation actor? Conservation and Society, 9(3): 229-235.
• Jepson, P., Ladle, R.J. and Sujatnika (2011) Assessing market-based conservation governance approaches: a socio-economic profile of Indonesian markets for wild birds. Oryx, 45(4): 482-491.
• Ladle, R.J. and Jepson, P. (2010) Origins, uses, and transformation of extinction rhetoric. Environment and Society: Advances in Research, 1: 96-115.
• Jepson, P. and Ladle, R. (2010) Conservation: A Beginner’s Guide. Oneworld Publications.