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Oxford Indonesia Society

PPI Oxford Small

Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia (PPI) Oxford is an association for Indonesians studying in the UK run under PPI UK. Giving their focus more on promoting Indonesian culture, PPI Oxford decided to rename themselves as Oxford Indonesia Society (OXIS) in December 2012 and start recruiting non-Indonesian members.

OXIS’ main objective is not only to bring together Indonesian students in Oxford but also to promote Indonesian culture, especially to those who are not familiar with Indonesia. OXIS does this by offering Indonesian language lessons, trip advice, internship opportunities, and organising fun events such as film nights, social gatherings, etc. OXIS hopes to further strengthen the bond amongst their members.

As a part of PPI UK, OXIS also belongs to a wide network of Indonesian students based in more than 30 different cities in the UK. Thus, OXIS also advertises events organised by PPI UK or other PPI branches, as well as hoping to run their own cultural night in Oxford in the future.

OXIS’ website can be found at