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Samaggi Samagom

Samaggi Samagom, the Thai Association in the UK, was formed in 1901. Personally experiencing the difficulties and homesickness that Thai students in UK faced, Crown Prince Mahavajiravudh, the future King Rama VI, set out to establish Samaggi Samagom shortly after beginning his studies at the University of Oxford. The society was meant to not only be a hub for Thai students and citizens to connect, but also a culture centre where Thailand’s unique tradition and cultural heritage would be shared with the world.

Samaggi Samagom organizes various academic and recreational activities. These include the Samaggi Games, an annual sports event initiated in 2000, and the Annual Samaggi Academic Conference which began in 2008. The association also organises the annual ‘Maha Theeraraj’ day, where representatives from among Thai students in UK congregate at the Samaggi Samagom headquarters in London to pay homage and express their gratitude to their patron King Rama VI.

With its aim to establish ties with Thai societies of other countries and the international community, Samaggi Samagom has forged a strong partnership with a varied group of organisations including the Thai Students Association in the USA, the Thai Students’ Office in London, the Anglo-Thai society, the British Council, and the Young Buddhist Group.

Samaggi Samagom’s website can be found at