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Trishaw Tours for Charity by Oxford Graduates

As soon as we started pedalling in the direction of Raffles City, the skies opened to unleash the monsoon upon us, causing floods in parts of the country, and lighting up the sky. We went sprinting for shelter and the little pavilion in a nearby HDB estate offered little respite as we watched the waters rise in the canal.


As our shelter was lashed by the wind and rain, and with no likely end to the storm in sight, we were faced with the prospect of having the entire Trishaw Tours event cancelled. It was a gloomy prospect. PJ’s phone kept buzzing with texts from people asking if we were still going to go ahead with the event.

“It’s still happening, it’s just delayed,” he kept telling people, but they were getting impatient. I decided to head to Raffles City to rally the troops and keep morale high. I dashed out into the street, and very fortituously found a taxi just as I was getting soaked. The taxi driver had seen me running about in the pouring rain and feeling sorry for me, had cut short his break to give me a ride.

At around 1250h, the rain began to lessen, and we decided we had to make a go of it. So even though rain was still falling, the rest of the team got on the trishaws and headed for Raffles City.

At Raffles City, with the rain still falling, we quickly got organised.

Some brave friends volunteered to be our first passengers and we were off!

We took them on a scenic route around the heart of Singapore’s civic district, past St Andrew’s Cathedral, Parliament House (old and new), the Supreme Court, City Hall, and the Padang.

The Trishaw Tour route

Despite it being an abbreviated session due to our rain delay, and despite our drivers getting soaked to the skin by the rain, it was still a wonderful time and a great success. We had a lot of fun!

We also spent a little time taking photographs of us on the trishaws.

A big thank you to everyone who came out and took part! Special thanks to Joh, Derek, Yiqi, Zain, Hope and Ying Shan!

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